We invite private sauna owners worldwide to host a sauna party and collect donations for sauna aid. On March 11th, we encourage public sauna/bath owners to contribute proceeds and/or direct donations from guests with sauna aid. The collected money will go towards the following sauna aid initiatives: purchasing and delivering ten ready-made tent saunas to Ukrainian officials and providing standards and blueprints for a local Ukrainian tent sauna manufacturing industry, expanding the educational sauna training program started by the Lithuanian Bath Academy, and overseeing the building and delivery of five ready-to-use saunas built into standardized shipping containers, and working with local Ukrainian industry to make their own.

In Ukraine, around 40% of the country’s energy infrastructure has been destroyed by the Russian-initiated war, now one month shy of a year old. Approximately six million people are displaced within Ukraine’s borders.

Eurobserver, January 30, 2023

Sauna Aid is a multicountry initiative sponsored by the International Sauna Association (ISA) to provide movable sauna facilities and supportive services to people facing natural and man-made disasters. Currently, Sauna Aid is focused on helping Ukrainians.

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