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The Global Sauna-Aid program

Where and when can the program be offered?


  1. Mobile or stationary saunas in refugees’ camps or other places with big concentration of people, who meets the criteria of the Sauna Aid situation.
  2. Stationary saunas, close to the places, where people, who need help, are moved just after the traumatizing event.


The Sauna Aid service can be offered immediately, when the need arises, and people, who get the service, are in a physically and emotionally safe place or as a tool of rehabilitation, but not longer than 1 month after the start of integration or rehabilitation process.

Who can offer the Sauna Aid service?

This service can be offered by professionals or non-professionals, who:

  1. Have experience and technical skills to operate the sauna and can guarantee physically and emotionally safe bathing process.
  2. Completed special training program, certified by International Sauna Association.
  3. Agrees and adheres to ethical principles of the Sauna Aid.
What can I expect from the Sauna Aid program as a client?

The program can be provided in different technical situations by different masters of different bathing traditions. Depending on particular situation, it can be group or one-to-one treatments, can take longer or shorter time. In any case it should include:

  1. Body-friendly and bio-resonant warming up
  2. Safe and supporting emotional space
  3. Attention and respect to your personal needs
How the places of the Sauna Aid program can be created and how people will know they can get certified help program here?

Requirements for saunas:

  1. Technical safety;
  2. Bathmaster (s) certified for the Sauna Aid program

Informing about the Sauna Aid places:

  1. List in webpage
  2. Marking with the Sauna Aid logo/sticker

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How can I become a Sauna Aid bathmaster?

Training is provided by International Bath Academy (

  1. Sign-in for participating in the program here or here
  2. You will get invitation to join free on-line workshop.
  3. Registrate and participate.
  4. Get the record of the workshop and short manual.
  5. Test your skills, using on-line test.
  6. Get certificate with the unique qr-code.
  7. Print out the certificate.
  8. Find a place, where you can offer your service.
  9. Registrate the sauna in
  10. Do it!
Content of the Sauna Aid training program (~3 h online):
  1. Mission and subject of the Sauna Aid program
  2. Emergency situations
  3. Physical and emotional state of people, who faced the emergency situations
  4. Natural elements in sauna (fire, water, air, earth)
  5. Seven roles of the bathmaster. How to choose the right one?
  6. From point A to point B. Setting goals of the treatment.
  7. What should I do?
  8. What NOT to do?
  9. Selfcare and safety of bathmaster
What is next?

Sauna Aid program is NOT a professional bathmasters training. It is similar to the First Aid or First Psychological Aid program. The more sauna people will be involved, the wider network we will have. Also, you can use the principles of the Sauna Aid in your personal work, combining with other sauna skills.

If you want to go deeper… Well… We believe, sauna is an ancient tradition, a survival skill, underestimated in the modern world. There are a lot of things to share. Contact us for the deeper journey!

Share it With the Community

We’d be grateful to anyone, who will support development of the Sauna Aid idea by leaving comments (positive or negative), sharing their stories, advices, ideas etc. You can do it in the Sauna Aid webpage: Feel free to use your native language!

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