Join the Global Effort: Sauna Aid Fundraiser to Provide Relief and Build Saunas in Ukraine

Dear Contributors and Friends of Sauna Aid,

With just a few days left until the big event, we want to express our gratitude to the International Sauna Association members (ISA) and Glenn Auerbach’s SaunaTimes for their combined efforts in informing a global audience about our fundraiser. We are pleased to report that we have confirmed participants in most major countries around the world.

However, the real work is just beginning. On the day of the event, we request that everyone announce their participation and commitment to Sauna Aid through social media. There are several ways to do this:

First, we have created a Facebook Event hosted by our Sauna Aid Facebook page. Participants can leave comments and photos on this page, which you can find at

Second, participants can signal their involvement by posting images on Instagram and using the @Sauna.Aid and #SaunaAid tags.

Finally, people can send comments and photos directly to our email address We will compile these responses at the end of the event and post them on the website, as well as on social media.

You can find World Sauna Aid posters and badges for promotion on our google drive.

It is important to note that donations are crucial to the success of Sauna Aid. We are set up to receive donations via PayPal on our website, For our British donors, we have set up a separate PayPal account to accept GBP

For large donations over 1000 Euros, we ask that you contact us and request the ISA bank account for a direct deposit.

We would like to remind everyone that everyone working on Sauna Aid is a volunteer, and no one has received any money in return for their help. Donations flow through the International Sauna Association, a non-profit organization based in Finland since 1958. ISA has clear and transparent guidelines on how Sauna Aid money is spent. We are aware of the risk of misuse of funds in any humanitarian mission and take great care in working only with trusted partners to ensure that any funds spent are not wasted.

Our goal is ambitious, but achievable with your help. We aim to raise at least 150,000 Euros to meet the following objectives:

•Purchase and deliver 10 ready-made tent saunas to local Ukrainian officials, as well as provide standards and blueprints for a “home-grown” Ukrainian tent sauna manufacturing industry.

•Expand the educational sauna training program started by the Lithuanian Bath Academy.

•Oversee the building and delivery of 5 ready-to-use saunas built into standardized shipping containers, as well as work with local Ukrainian industry to develop their own.

We are also looking at appropriate ways to provide relief for victims of the Turkey/Syria earthquake.

Even after the March 11th event is over, let’s continue working together to help Sauna Aid make a real difference in the lives of those in need.

Mikkel Aaland (on behalf of all of us working on Sauna Aid)

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